What is BossPhobia?

Just like good old office gossip, BossPhobia was started by two friends over many cups of coffee. We talked of why our boss is so rude, what went wrong at work, what could be done better and wished there was a place where we could share all our fears, frustrations and fundas with others. That was the germ of the idea and hopefully we've been able to create at least a minuscule bit of what we aimed to.

Why are we called BossPhobia? Its not that we fear from our Bosses, its about the difference in the way of thinking between an employee and a Boss.

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my boss does not recognize my work. He mostly takes the credit away from me for all the work that i do.

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Cribbed By: Vikas Chaudhary
25-Nov-09      11:12 AM

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13-Oct-13      10:52 PM

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Cribbed By: Greetings Greetings
13-Oct-13      10:54 PM

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